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Point Spread Definition, Nfl Examples

Picking out good-value bets is the best way to win money and avoid the disappointment of losing. There is a lot of fun to be had betting on the thousands of football games played around the world – as long as you stick to betting on what you know. Football betting has a huge number of markets and there are a variety of different bookmakers so the accessibility makes it easy to get started. This is why you should use your knowledge to bet on football to determine which game and which bet you would like to target.

Once you understand betting odds and the differences between them, reading them becomes easy. Then, to calculate the profit of your wager, simply multiply your stake by the odds and subtract your stake. Basically, 1.75 means that for every $1 you bet, you will earn a total return of $1.75, with your stake returned along with a profit of $0.75. Thus, +275 means that for every $100 that you bet, you will receive a profit of $275 should your bet win.

As we mentioned, the calculation is a little more difficult. Multiply your bet by the top number, then divide the figure by the bottom number. As such, a $10 bet at 5/2 odds is (10×5) / 2, which pays out at $25. We collect, analyse and package data for a broad range of customers. Our skilled team of analysts are globally-renowned for accuracy, credibility and judgement.

However, for newbies, the betting market may sound a bit strange and new to them. This article will explain the concept of the 1.01 betting market and the strategy to get the best out of the market. Moneylines and spreads tend to be the more popular types of wager, but it can be difficult to select between the two when determining which has more value. Essentially, the moneyline offered should correspond to a point spread that has an equal risk/reward ratio.

Sticking to a pre-planned stake amount makes it easier to calculate your profit and prevent a huge loss of funds, should things go sideways. This type of bet is placed on a game that is near its completion and is almost sure that a certain player is set to win. While moneylines, point spreads, and totals generally focus on the short term and specific matches, futures are long-term betting odds.

As we have done for fractional and decimal odds above, we will use a few examples to illustrate how moneyline odds work. For the purpose of making sense – and to provide you with the means to compare – we will use the same teams and fighters. When it comes to placing a bet with fractional odds, you can calculate your winnings in a straightforward manner by remembering that point above. Numbers are separated by an oblique or a “to” in between the numbers. Fractional odds, for example, can appear as 4/1, 5/1, and 6/1, or 4 to 1, 5 to 1, 6 to 1, etc. Let’s look at a few examples to make sure you understand.

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