Gelatinosa Substancia

Optical Sound. 2009


Sébastien Roux

Précisions Sur Les Vagues

Optical Sound. 2008


Lionel Marchetti

Adèle et Hadrien

There are two Cds which in reality are 2 books. If you do not have children this will fill the gap. The recordings are clear and powerfully dynamic. The children sound as if they are trapped in a field recording made by Lewis Carroll. Dogs chase rabbits while water laps the shore. The children ignore the microphones and reveal their intimate existence. Truly Unique.

Optical Sound. 2008


Mathias Delplanque

La Plinthe

Creeping in from under the floorboards, a house reveals the essence of many inhabitants, moments, hidden spaces and the silence of Duchamp’s dust. The prolific is polished but trimmed back. The music questions. Find keyhole ear. Fill in with spackle. Focus, then repeat the action.

Optical Sound. 2008



La ralentie

Remember Ghost Dub ? This is faster. More physical, shifts away from from dub but retains the bass. Germanic and massive. Rooted in metallic drum. A flower grows out of it like vocal vines on the wall. Echoes trip us into making a march. Paris to Berlin.

Optical Sound. 2008