Pizzicato - Open Sesame! One of France's 'genies'. Multi-talented, multi-instrumentalist, precocious, curious and hyper energetic. Chazam! These 19 lighthearted to serious, and occassionaly groovy, tracks have been created with an appetite for the eccentric, with a taste for the moog, a flair for the percussive, a love of the theatre and a bent for the harebrained. A veritable orchestra has been extracted and spilled onto the mixing board. Trumpets blare like elephants, octaves rotate like merry-go-rounds, dramatic chords swell, voices call out from the heavens and Chazam even croons. An album that conjures theatrical sketches rather than a full literary novel. Can be washed and dried with Jean-Jacques Perrey.

LIPID. 2002