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Philippe Petit

(Reciprocess : +/VS.)

Bip-hop. 2009


Erik Friedlander & Teho Teardo

Giorno Rubati

Bip-hop. 2007


Spaceheads & Max Eastley

A Very Long Way From Anywhere Else

JG Ballard is dead. The land was barren before and is barren still. The space between destination and destination is simply in our heads. We are filled with space and sounds from memory. When we are going nowhere fast this music keeps the pace nice and slow. Melancholic but not too sad, ruminating but not too sullen, uplifting without exaggeration, flowing like tattered ribbons blown from trumpets, trembling like a Theramin in the wind, acoustic and meta, symphonic, drums without repetition. Stasis charged with static electricity. Ambient with a blast.

Bip-hop. 2007



From tears : beach archive

Pulsing plasma foams onto the crystal sands on this faraway beach. There is no lounge bar here but the sounds create chairs, sunshine, walls, and a dreamy dancefloor. The House is revised and made bumpy with unpredictable counter rhythms that enhance the framework, that reform the basic foundation with a more abstract super structure. We step out onto a non-existant terrace. There is neo-dub glowing all around. Si-Cut-db has things in common with Lena. They limp their soul beats to life in a similar way. The binary is discreetly fractured. Potholes take the place of dance lesson footprints. The dervish is filmed in slow motion. Arms are lovely to watch twirling in the salty air. Sounds that spell freedom without obligation. The sound of water melting into sand.

Bip-hop. 2005




Bip-hop. 2004