Gelatinosa Substancia

Staubgold. 2009




Staubgold. 2006




The piano played the piano while the man touched the piano and the piano listened to the piano while the man polished the piano. And the woman loved the piano while the man massaged the strings. The piano was tuned and kept warm by their fingers. And the woman and the man thought together at the same time, without saying a single word, that the piano is the best of all instruments. Then they went to bed together with the piano. But the piano never fell asleep.

Staubgold. 2008


To rococo rot

Kölner Brett

Staubgold. 2001


Various Artists

Haunted Weather

World reknowned musicologist David Toop comes back offering a much stranger world than he let us discover with his seemingly tamer ‘Ocean of Sound’. This compilation could have been called “Valley of the Lost Chip”. 32 electronic tracks expose the rich extremes found in music being made in our age of the laptop.

Staubgold. 2004