Pupusse et Patrack

Ds le matin

One stringed banjo and noise. We're so sick of everything we waste no time. We plug and play. Lyrics written on the backs of newspapers. Recorded in the red. Saturate. Let improvisation pave the way. Cuss. Stroke. Bow. The drummer stabs holes in the skins. Even JL Godard exists here. Tout Va Bien! Spoken word with no leash. Sound with no credentials.

Trace. 2000

Jol Hubaut


"Smoke the sacred herbs". In the city, the poems of Paul Eluard are torn apart. A crucified pig is dragged through the market. Super French verbs mock violence. A territory for extinction. A powerful and unique performance from one of France's most sincere and risk taking artists. Lets generate a scapegoat and hang the gallerists. Radical punches are shouted. Materials destroyed; earth is eaten. Chew on the earlobes to hear those wounds.

Trace. 2000

Guillaume Loizillon


Excellent compositions with an extravagant sonic range. Impostures? How many dwell within us? Here 18 are delivered in separate compartments. Sounds for a residential installation. Unique Segments. Uniquements. Acoustika mastika. An imposture painted in white by a restless talent in a room tiled with angled mirrors. Fascination.

Trace. 1999