Mathias Delplanque

La Plinthe

Creeping in from under the floorboards, a house reveals the essence of many inhabitants, moments, hidden spaces and the silence of Duchamps dust. The prolific is polished but trimmed back. The music questions. Find keyhole ear. Fill in with spackle. Focus, then repeat the action.

Optical Sound. 2008

Norscq & Various Artists


Simply an amazing example of what a remix album should be. Fully international. Creme de la creme. Double LP. Wash at 90. Use bleach if necessary. Do not fold.

Shambala Records. 0000



Cooling lava burning bongos with pulses of gas. Something moves in the sky, drum sticks flutter, kick and plunge. The French master teaches us a lesson yet again. Does he never lack inspiration ? Does beauty flow in his veins ?

Prikosnovnie. 2000


Fragments d'un discours amoureux

If this was love it is divorced. If this is a fragment it is gigantic. If this was discussed it was whispered. Heartbeat spoken not broke

Optical Sound. 2001

cdsold out

Wild Shores


The underbelly of a whale speaks deeply from the bottom of an unknown ocean. Mesmerizing movements undulate in stereo fluids. Stories that fill the minds blank page. Turn off the lights.

Optical Sound. 2008