Michel Titin-Schnaider

Objets sonores

Concrete is poured over violins and violas placed on naked matresses on the floor. The orchestra are straining not to move. This is serious. The tuning alone takes 11 minutes or more. There is tension in the audience as the seats begin to squeak and creak under the weight of the sound. The volume increases like termites eating a mountain of pine. They copulate and get inside the cellos. The knobbles that tune the strings begin to loosen as the players continue to tune their drones. As the strings loosen the pitch gets disturbingly twisted. They continue to play under the orders of the conductor. It now begins to sound like Times Square, New York on a Friday night. The people scramble to escape the noise. This is only the first track on Objets Sonors. The second track is made from Piano. Discover with closed eyes.

Aventures électro-acoustiques. 2008


Various Artists

Haunted Weather

World reknowned musicologist David Toop comes back offering a much stranger world than he let us discover with his seemingly tamer 'Ocean of Sound'. This compilation could have been called "Valley of the Lost Chip". 32 electronic tracks expose the rich extremes found in music being made in our age of the laptop.

Staubgold. 2004


Joël Hubaut


"Smoke the sacred herbs". In the city, the poems of Paul Eluard are torn apart. A crucified pig is dragged through the market. Super French verbs mock violence. A territory for extinction. A powerful and unique performance from one of France's most sincere and risk taking artists. Lets generate a scapegoat and hang the gallerists. Radical punches are shouted. Materials destroyed; earth is eaten. Chew on the earlobes to hear those wounds.

Trace. 2000


Various Artists

Music For Dreamachine

No turntable necessary. Audio stimuli for visual stimuli. Homage to Brion Gysin & Ian Sommerville. Complex, relaxing, psychedelic, provocative. One of Optical Sounds first releases that paved its way into Fine Arts.

Optical Sound. 2000

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