Manolo On Juliet

Bordering the seams of a priest's robes in a cathedral, the devil drags in guitars and begins an exorcism. Obsessive basslines, industriel drums, electronica - echo off the arched cieling. Man and light versus darkness. This fits in somewhere between Schizotrope and a midevil Dantec. Angels dipped in tar, heavenly caverns, peace and war. Syn: there is something evident in his name alone. Abundant, literary, meticulous. It could bring you to your knees.

Prasca. 2008


Pupusse et Patrack

Dès le matin

One stringed banjo and noise. We're so sick of everything we waste no time. We plug and play. Lyrics written on the backs of newspapers. Recorded in the red. Saturate. Let improvisation pave the way. Cuss. Stroke. Bow. The drummer stabs holes in the skins. Even JL Godard exists here. Tout Va Bien! Spoken word with no leash. Sound with no credentials.

Trace. 2000


Palo alto

Terminal Sideral

Psycho driven rhythms ripping with saxophone drenched in sweaty reverb. Monoblok basslines. Controlled insanity. Amplified parody. Not California ! The Trio recorded live in ‘Hypnotic France’.

Optical Sound. 2008