Manolo On Juliet

Bordering the seams of a priest's robes in a cathedral, the devil drags in guitars and begins an exorcism. Obsessive basslines, industriel drums, electronica - echo off the arched cieling. Man and light versus darkness. This fits in somewhere between Schizotrope and a midevil Dantec. Angels dipped in tar, heavenly caverns, peace and war. Syn: there is something evident in his name alone. Abundant, literary, meticulous. It could bring you to your knees.

Prasca. 2008


Various Artists

Echo Location

Covers not covered. Versions reinvented. No photocopy. Reinvest the original. Echo of echo re-amplified reshaped re-modeled. 80’s electro to new groove 2000. Compilation vs Compiled.

Optical Sound. 2004


The Grief

Greatest Hits

Historic French industrial cave dwellers that pin pointed their anger through driving beats, bated breath, electronics and ground breaking sampling techniques. They were made for loving you and hating you. Play It Again Sam. Essential.

Optical Sound. 2006