le sixième doigt

One solid thick line underlined in heavy dense textures that draws relentless boxes around the thick lines that underline the basslines that are outlined with found voices that underline in thick lines the obsession that is outlined in thick…

M Tronic. 2004


Various Artists

Music For Dreamachine

No turntable necessary. Audio stimuli for visual stimuli. Homage to Brion Gysin & Ian Sommerville. Complex, relaxing, psychedelic, provocative. One of Optical Sounds first releases that paved its way into Fine Arts.

Optical Sound. 2000

cdsold out

Pierre Belouin & Various Artists

-Awan~ Siguawini~~ Spemki~~~

Belouin wearing snowshoes pushes a sledge filled with his family of electronic friends through Canada’s modern tundra. Ledoux and Sifichi ruminate on the landscapes.

Optical Sound. 2007