Blue Baboon

Rough mixes, rarities & b-sides

Peaceful. Moving from almost sublime publicity to the very intimate. Glitches shift from the acoustic to the vocal. Treatments. Melancholic postcards in the bedroom, bedside confession. Reminiscent melodies submerge the pillow in water. Float on the guitar.

Optical Sound. 2006


Various Artists

Music For Dreamachine

No turntable necessary. Audio stimuli for visual stimuli. Homage to Brion Gysin & Ian Sommerville. Complex, relaxing, psychedelic, provocative. One of Optical Sounds first releases that paved its way into Fine Arts.

Optical Sound. 2000

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Blue Baboon


If you don’t go to church but need some spiritualized support, this album will help your soul touch the heavens and the virgins. Light but very salty.

Optical Sound. 2001

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