Various Artists

Echo Location

Covers not covered. Versions reinvented. No photocopy. Reinvest the original. Echo of echo re-amplified reshaped re-modeled. 80’s electro to new groove 2000. Compilation vs Compiled.

Optical Sound. 2004


Various Artists

Next to Nothing

Tuxedomoon re-seen from the hidden side. But without a telescope. Expressive and free remakes of the wonderful Tuxedo classics. An album unique in its approach. Even Scanner is on board here singing. Optical Sound meets Rumbatricians. Radicalisms. Closer to Something Warm.

Optical Sound. 2006

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Pierre Belouin & Various Artists

-Awan~ Siguawini~~ Spemki~~~

Belouin wearing snowshoes pushes a sledge filled with his family of electronic friends through Canada’s modern tundra. Ledoux and Sifichi ruminate on the landscapes.

Optical Sound. 2007