Wild Shores

instant music

Early Wild Shores. Rare. The beginning of time opens before your ears. Penetrates the conciousness, triggers the primal, the ancestral. Many earthquakes divide these tracks. Many winds cling them together.

Taktic. 1996

Wild Shores


The underbelly of a whale speaks deeply from the bottom of an unknown ocean. Mesmerizing movements undulate in stereo fluids. Stories that fill the minds blank page. Turn off the lights.

Optical Sound. 2008

Various Artists

Next to Nothing

Tuxedomoon re-seen from the hidden side. But without a telescope. Expressive and free remakes of the wonderful Tuxedo classics. An album unique in its approach. Even Scanner is on board here singing. Optical Sound meets Rumbatricians. Radicalisms. Closer to Something Warm.

Optical Sound. 2006

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Pierre Belouin & Various Artists

-Awan~ Siguawini~~ Spemki~~~

Belouin wearing snowshoes pushes a sledge filled with his family of electronic friends through Canada's modern tundra. Ledoux and Sifichi ruminate on the landscapes.

Optical Sound. 2007