That Summer & Saâdane Afif

Nine shrunken pieces

Wooden porch with fireflies alight the keyboard. Tender vocal sincere follow the guitar strums into synthetic nature. Moths circle the flames. ‘Introspectivation’.

Optical Sound. 2006

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Rainier Lericolais

Reader’s Digest

Take 1000 sounds. Turn them backwards. Cut the attack. Feed a clown with comic books and winded brass. Forget that there is no direction. Shake the sphere. Watch the sounds settle. Shake it again and see an oboe. Shake it again and see a string quartet. Shake it again…

Optical Sound. 2003

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Rainier Lericolais & Various Artists

Re : Courrier Électronique

King of glitch. Rainier scissor hands. Lericolais of Nappes. One of France’s finest electronique composers has made a series of audio postcards, each one from a different territory. The double album also features greats such as Simon Fisher Turner, Sebastian Roux and Minizza. Made with the eye of a painter, a carnet de voyage.

Optical Sound. 2004