Bip-hop. 2004



Europe on Horseback

The British were there before the rest in electronic music. Rafael Nadal has been there a while and is now better than the rest, that is, with a racket. At first on clay, and now on the harder surfaces. Tennis play on both types of terrain. They don't use balls - they play a sort of ping pong with sounds. Pulses shift from endline to dropshot. From serve to volley. They don't miss a shot and you can hear the breathing behind the effort. As on the first track, 'Civic Halo'. This is music made by a duo, and like doubles it has a different tension than a singles match. Philippe Petit's amazing appetite for electronica made this album possible. Like a match you can never be there to see 'en direct' Bedford and Edwards bounce rhythmic ideas at each other like they were using feathers and lead. Squash - Badminton! No! This is Tennis.

Bip-hop. 2001