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Rainier Lericolais

Les Enfants Gâtés

Spoiled children have machines. Spoiled children do only what they like. Spoiled children drink German beer. Spoiled children sing. One of France’s most spoiled spoils us.

Optical Sound. 2005


Rainier Lericolais

Yriex E.P

The Pacific Ocean seperates two hearts. Andalucia is transferred to Hiroshima. An empire for two senses. Nostalgia before the computer. Computers memorising time. Edited with indilible accuracy. Softer than nylon. Sung with silk.

Optical Sound. 2004

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Rainier Lericolais

Reader’s Digest

Take 1000 sounds. Turn them backwards. Cut the attack. Feed a clown with comic books and winded brass. Forget that there is no direction. Shake the sphere. Watch the sounds settle. Shake it again and see an oboe. Shake it again and see a string quartet. Shake it again…

Optical Sound. 2003

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Rainier Lericolais & Pierre Belouin

Programme Radio

When the transistor burnt out the hertzian signal was captured and transformed into clear plastic for future transmissions on digital lines. PRE ADSL. POST FM.

Optical Sound. 1998

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Various Artists

Music For Dreamachine

No turntable necessary. Audio stimuli for visual stimuli. Homage to Brion Gysin & Ian Sommerville. Complex, relaxing, psychedelic, provocative. One of Optical Sounds first releases that paved its way into Fine Arts.

Optical Sound. 2000

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