Various Artists

Jukebox Buddha

Drawing from mysticism we learn something. We discover a peace if only temporary. A sedentary space is created using sounds that resonate from a small machine ... natural architectures with no sense of time. Jukebox Buddha, a zen-factotum, has been sampled and reincarnated. Listen on the inner horizon.

Staubgold. 2006

Various Artists

Dinner Music For Clubbers

Mixed {not stirred}. Post free-zone sound-scapes with luscious textures are gently blended to enhance a continuous movement. We dine late night in hammocks on summer nights in country houses. Some of the music is like the lights on distant planes. Some like the background sky. Attention has been paid to precise details. Somnolent mouzegheva music is beautifully obscure and simply complex.

Staubgold. 2008

Various Artists

Childish Music

These tracks were actually recorded by a team working with old age pensioners. Elderly women are heard blowing bubbles in water. Old men zipping their zips. The TV set has a USB hub. Toys are scattered around the floor. Then the Childish team invited some of today's most talented musicians to come, share and play. We need to create a Fisher-Price award for this electronic music.

Staubgold. 2005