To rococo rot

Kölner Brett

Staubgold. 2001


Various Artists

Dinner Music For Clubbers

Mixed {not stirred}. Post free-zone sound-scapes with luscious textures are gently blended to enhance a continuous movement. We dine late night in hammocks on summer nights in country houses. Some of the music is like the lights on distant planes. Some like the background sky. Attention has been paid to precise details. Somnolent mouzegheva music is beautifully obscure and simply complex.

Staubgold. 2008


To rococo rot

Taken From Vinyl

The bass player and drummer no longer were limited by what time of day they played. They used melodies to count the hours. Though keeping a groove was essentiel. They searched for a rhythm that wasn't connected to any defined emotion/reaction. This was the difficult part. How to create motion without a preconcieved idea of affect. Time to space - like colour to canvas. The painting must remain abstract yet compelling. The bass player was expert in this. His colours were sparse and shadowy, the time was difficult to pinpoint. It could be midnight or seven in the morning. The idea was to kill time and clocks. To bring the listener to the edge of a frozen digital clock, to make a single tick fascinating. This was their achievment.

Staubgold. 2006