Philippe Petit

(Reciprocess : +/VS.)

Bip-hop. 2009




When the hot air balloon (montgolfière) was fully expanded, it was sent out to follow the gulf stream. Floating perilously over an emense field of troubled waters it was sent out as a representation of peace. Some dolphins sensed this and rose to the surface in syncopated arcs; a greeting that empahasized that nirvana might be possible. They rose and fell in the water like radio waves. Ondulating. The sound could only be heard by the men in the balloon when they weren't using a gas flame to keep it in the air. Because they men prefered to hear the dolphins they came closer and closer to the sea, the sounds grew louder. They completly forgot that they were not dolphins. When the woven basket hit the water... they could hear voices...

Staubgold. 2008