Mathias Delplanque

Le Pavillon Tmoin

The Show House is empty except for the acoustics. The walls have been covered with digital felt cloth that absorbs and emits sounds. Attention has been made to the functionality of the architecture. There is a room for the music boxes and guitars. There is a room to fall down in. There is a closet with a harp and strings. Once inside, it is difficult to leave this home which is furnished only with the resonance of seductive illusion.

Low Impedance. 2007

Mathias Delplanque

La Plinthe

Creeping in from under the floorboards, a house reveals the essence of many inhabitants, moments, hidden spaces and the silence of Duchamps dust. The prolific is polished but trimmed back. The music questions. Find keyhole ear. Fill in with spackle. Focus, then repeat the action.

Optical Sound. 2008